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Watch Legendary Actor Rishi Kapoor's Best Comedy Scenes From Housefull 2 & Chintu Ji.

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  • Surendrakumar Jagirdar
    Surendrakumar Jagirdar15 दिन पहले

    The. Best. Comedi

  • Seksi Shraddha Kapoor
    Seksi Shraddha Kapoor21 दिन पहले

    Amazing video

  • Surendrakumar Jagirdar
    Surendrakumar Jagirdar21 दिन पहले

    Very. Nice.

  • Brittney Hill
    Brittney Hill22 दिन पहले

    Nothing- Left. Hi, it’s, Mother- Brittney Hill (Age: 20. Born March, the 12th, 1990). My, Dad, and Mom- are, Richard Burton, and, Elizabeth Taylor- the, Destined, King- and, Queen- of the, United Kingdom. My Destiny, is to be, a (the), Princess, of the, United Kingdom, and, a famous, Method- British Actor. To date, I will, inform you- that, Henry Cavill (Age: 50. He is the famous, British Actor, who played, Superman. He played, “Superman,” in, “Man of Steel,” which came out in- 2012), Tom Ellis (Age: 50. He is the famous, British Actor- who played, Lucifer, on the American- television series, “Lucifer.”), Russell Brand (Age: 50. He is the famous, Comedian, and British Actor- who married, Catherine Hudson- stage name: “Katy Perry.”), Johnathan Rhys Meyers (Age: 50. He is the famous- Swedish Actor- famous for, starring, on the show, “The Tudors.” He is also, very famous- for starring, in the movie, “Match Point.”), Louis Garrel (He is the famous- Method- French Actor- exalted, for “starring,” in the movie, “Ma Mere.”- which aired, in, France- only, and was- programmed, to my, Television- especially- only. He is also, very famous, for, “starring,” in the, movie, “The Dreamers.”), Gene Kelly (Deceased: February, 2, 1997. He, is, the, famous, Hollywood American, Actor- famous, for, the movie, “Singin’ in the Rain,” and, “An American in Paris.” Gene- died, too soon- for me- as, Husband, and Wife. Gene Kelly- has reincarnated, and he, is, Gene Kelly- all over, again! His name is, - Gene Kelly, again. He is, American- and, really, hard (this, time)- and, Modern. Carey Grant, Tony Curtis, and Robert Montgomery, are my, Husbands-too. Jacob Johnathan Merrill- is my, Husband- of a, Sort. He is, Orange, County- Prep. Not to be, confused- with, Gig Harbor, Wa., Prep. That means, all- 10- of us- have it,- in our, Destiny- to be, Princes, -and, Princess- of the, United Kingdom. Gosh, I’ve been trying to figure out, which famous, White actor, was my Husband (or, Husbands), since the year, 2010, or so. :D HAHAHA! (That is, Catherine Hudson- “Katy Perry’s,” fault. She is, 20. So, Immature.). So now, I’ll be, living- in the, city- of,- Fullerton, C.A. (Fullerton, C.A.- is in the- Country- of, the,- United States- within the- County- of, Orange. Orange County.)- at my, Home Estate. My, Son- Reign Cavill (Past Life: Edward G. Robinson. Born, 2014. Age: 3. he, is- Cool. He was, famous- for, “starring,” on the- popular- Television- series, “Keeping Up with the, Kardashians”. He was, “Henry Cavill’s”- Son.). Now that I- know- who my- Husbands- are, and, who, my, Children- are,- I can, move on- YAY! YAY, for me :D ! I have, 10- Hot Husbands. I’m so excited! They are, super sexy: beautiful, fun, wild party guys, intense, confident, cocky, and genius, Celebrity. I am lucky. I know- already, that they will, value- Monarchy, and Tradition- just as much, as- I, have- by the time, I,- finally, birth them- in person. Laugh out Loud. They’re my dream, Men. Tom Ellis, and I- have, 3 Daughters- they, are- named- Nora (Past Life: Lucille Ball. Age: 16.), Florence (Past Life: Jeanette Macdonald. Age: 3.), and Marnie (Past Life: Marilyn Monroe. Age: 3.). They were- my, Daughters! In total, that is, 3, Daughters, and one, Son- how wonderful! They make me, so, proud :D . I made them- this way. 2000’s, Subject: Gawker (Defined: to stare- stupidly; gape. An awkward, foolish, person. peer, ogle, gaze, goggle, rubberneck). I am, Cool. I have always, been, cool, popular, super social, well loved, and loving- outgoing, and a, crazy, truly wild, party girl. I am a, Hippie. The type of, Hippie- I am, is, Raver. I am a, Raver. We partied, hard, in my, teens- and, into my, 20’s! I’m, 20. We still party, hard- in various places. It’s, awesome! We are, awesome! HAHAHAHA! I, AM, WHITE. I am, a, Traditional, White American, Female- from the, Deep South. My skin, is, light brown, so you can tell, that I am, a part, of the, Black, African American, community. However, I, AM, WHITE. WHITE, people, are, My people. They are my people. I am, White. That means, I am, NOT, a, Nigger. I am not a, Nigger. So, do not, pretend, that I am, Black, or a, Nigger; Ever. If you do, you will not survive, this life. My story, is very interesting, so far, isn’t it? And, I still, haven’t even gotten out into the world! I haven’t even met, my, Husbands, yet? What the heck, World? Beginning, in the year, 2000, Human Society, itself, had been, disobedient, disoriented- in disarray, and purposeless- Atheist. That is why, I have not been, able, to live out my- God- Demigod, Destiny. I, AM, happy- that I have the money, and the ability- as an, Upper class, Southern- British, House- Princess. WITH FATHER GOD, MOTHER, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT - AND THE FULL BODY, OF MY, RELIGION, AT THE HELM- WE, ARE THE ONES, WHO HAVE, MADE- THIS, HUMAN WORLD- TRADITIONAL, NORMAL, PLEASING, AND BEAUTIFUL, AGAIN! MONARCHY! The answer, all along, was- MONARCHY! (IS). I will see you guys out there! My life plan- is currently, in progress. I’ll be home, soon- In the, U.K.! I’m taking my time-beautifying. It will, be- my- final voyage- so it has to go, perfectly, one time. Note: I, AM, the, ONLY, person- who, is meant, to marry- Men, of the- opposite, race- and from, a, different- Kingdom. -Brittney Hill, Saturday, September, 4th, 2020. 9:51 p.m.

  • Ritik Maurya
    Ritik Maurya23 दिन पहले

    This movie of housefull series was the best one

  • bhagwat geta
    bhagwat geta23 दिन पहले

    Kanjar khana 😂

  • RB Reehan khan
    RB Reehan khan23 दिन पहले

    I belongs to poor family".. "And i have not job and money" "INstatus not givingg me views". "I want to handle my family"'',

  • Arslan Imran
    Arslan Imran23 दिन पहले


  • Sonu Singh
    Sonu Singh23 दिन पहले

    miss you rishi ji 😿🤗

  • Narendra Mohan Gosiya
    Narendra Mohan Gosiya23 दिन पहले


  • T___ STATUS
    T___ STATUS23 दिन पहले


  • Umee Haniya
    Umee Haniya23 दिन पहले


  • kalam valley
    kalam valley23 दिन पहले

    I am watching from Kalam Valley.